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You’ve Been Enabled! Jack Black Lip Balm

If there is one “beauty” product i can’t live without it would be lip balm. Whenever that question of “what would you take with you on a deserted island” comes up, I immediately think LIP BALM!

Now the lip balm in question that would  be the Wilson to my Castaway on said trip has changed throughout the years. Currently, I would say JACK BLACK LIP BALM! Oh how i love this lip balm so, let me count the ways…

1) it have fun flavours and and has a SPF of 25,

2) it is thick (in a good way) without being greezy, and

3) it is relatively inexpensive (well compared to my last deserted island lip balm – Dior’s Creme de Rose which comes in at a spendy $29.00!).

Of course with everything there are some tiny weeny cons:

1) I go through about one every 3 weeks or so (hence the impressive stash below), and

2) Unless you love the mint or lemon one, the rest are a bit trickier to find.

Lets breakdown the flavours (in order of my favourites):

Mango & Mandarin.. my favourite and of course always not in stock.. must start hoarding!

Blackberry & Tea (Pictured)  .. a good second to the Mango & Mandarin. Equal parts blueberry and tea

Lemon & Chamomile (Pictured) .. like lemon aid, one of my faves and easy to find

Natural Shea (Pictured) .. a good non scented variety for those who prefer that sort of thing

Vanilla & Lavender (Pictured) .. Not a fan of lavender but it is slight in this balm

Grapefruit & Ginger.. Again not a fan of Grapefruit but this one is tolerable

Natural Mint (Pictured) – Minty.. good if you like mint.. not my fave personally

Behold the array of flavours

You can find Jack Black lip balms at Sephora, eskincarestore and Masc for anywhere from $7.50 – $9.00.

You have now been enabled..You’re welcome!

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