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You’ve Been Enabled! ILIA Beauty Lipstick in Wild Child

It’s fitting that my first blog entry names a YBE. Well-known for my enabling behaviour, let me add another obsession to your beauty kit!

On a recent trip to the always-inspiring BeautyMark boutique, I picked up an ILIA Beauty lipstick. Let’s start with, I don’t often opt for lipstick and instead usually gravitate towards glosses or balms (see Ali’s great post on “Jack Black Lip Balm”). So, for some mysterious reason, I also decided to buy the boldest colour in the line: a beautiful fiery red, called Wild Child.

ILIA Beauty Lipstick in Wild Child

For those of you unfamiliar with the ILIA beauty line, the company takes an “ethical-sustainable” approach to developing products that are up to 85% certified organic bio-active botanicals, with the intent of nourishing and rejuvenating skin.

I don’t know about bio-active or organic, but this lipstick is heavenly. For those of you with a bit of a lipstick phobia (like me), you don’t need to fuss with liner or a special lip brush. Just swipe this on (I almost feel like I could apply without a mirror!), and you have an instant, gorgeous pout. This beautiful, slightly sheer colour feels like a “treatment” on your mouth. The colour seems like it would be almost universally flattering. If I had to pick one negative, I guess I’d say that it doesn’t have the longest staying power, but I don’t want that drying, pulling feeling of long-wear, so I’m fine with regularly re-applying.

I honestly love this so much, I want to go back and get every shade. Not in the obsessive, I just want to “collect” every colour even if I could never use it (please see NARS blush collection), but because I feel like I would wear these lipsticks daily.  ILIA Beauty lipsticks are available at the ILIA Beauty website or at BeautyMark for approximately $24. You have now been enabled..You’re welcome!

PS: ILIA also has a line of tinted lip conditioners, which I’m going to ask Ali to review in the future. I think I may have enabled again!

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