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Top 5… Pleasant Surprise Products

In my ongoing quest to find the “Mr. Right” of just about every product, I find myself time and time again buying Mr. Wrong. What is worse I know that I am buying Mr. Wrong but I keep hoping that somehow he will change for me because he loves me. Because that happens right??

It is getting out of hand, my husband recently went looking for some tweezers and opened my “cupboards of shame” where all the rejects are stashed and is now considering volunteering me for a Hoarders episode.

But I must be filled with a naive optimism because I believe in giving everyone (or everything) a fair shot.

It is with much pleasure I present to you the most recent 5 products that actually surprised me .. by being great! Although I apologize for the sketchy pictures. Must work on my photography skills.

La Roche Posay


Sunscreen has been a constant disappointment for me lately. It has gotten so bad I actually stopped wearing it for a while. Yes I know the most cardinal of sins, but i was tired of the heavy/greezy/cakey feeling of some good old pore clogging sunscreen. What surprised me most about loving this super lightweight, long lasting and absolutely non pore clogging broad spectrum sunscreen is that it quite highly regarded and loved by a lot of people. Those two things usually guarantee I will hate it. I never love anything that seems to be featured on any sort Readers Choice or Beauty Editors top picks lists. I am STILL shaking my head over Great Lash mascara.. seriously???  Anyway, this sunscreen dries to a semi matte finish that does not interfere with makeup application and seems to come off quite nicely with my new beloved Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I am a sinner no more!


2. Alterna Caviar Repair RX Instant Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner

I have had middling success with Alterna as a line. So once again I was preparing myself for what could amount to the worlds most expensive make up brush cleaner and conditioner (a great way to use up disappointing shampoos and conditioners!). After just one use I had to say while I wouldn’t deem myself fully “recovered”, I was sporting some seriously softer hair! The effects seem to be more pronounced with multiple uses in a row as well. I have almost a weird superstitious habit of not using the same shampoo and conditioner twice in a row. But for theses babies.. I make the exception!


3. Davines Oi/Oil

Finally after many unsuccessful hair oil attempts (Morcanoil I am thinking of you!) I have finally found the “one”. Having hair that decided to have a mid life crisis and become frizzy – an oil has become a necessity. You only need the tiniest amount of the soft making, heavenly scented oil and it is like all the bad stuff never happened. It also doesn’t weigh down my fine straight hair (when used in moderation of course).
Davines now has an OI/All in one milk that I suddenly have to have as well.

4. Julep DD crème

I was all over the whole BB cream bandwagon just like everyone else, only to be left confused and alone. If someone could actually tell me what makes a BB cream a BB cream and NOT just a very drying, thick, weirdly coloured tinted moisturizer, I would really appreciate it.  So why do I love this DD (as in Dynamic Do-all) creme ? Okay well it doesn’t do-all dynamically per say but it does have sheer coverage, does not break me out and is quite moisturizing. It actually imparts a bit of a dewy glow and the lasting power is pretty good. There is also SPF 25 in it, so that is a comfort too. I received this in my monthly Julep Maven box and appreciated having the chance to pick my shade ahead of time. I chose the Light shade and it was a great match to my NC25 skin tone. I think due to the sheerness of the product, the 4 shades they offer would suit most skin tones.


5. Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Deep

This is a product that I was enabled to buy from Yoda (one of millions I assure you). I was very, very dubious because I have had absolutely no luck with anything of Benefits and had all but washed my hands of them. Yoda shares my bad experiences (evidenced here) with Benefit, so I took her endorsement to mean this must be good. I have been searching high and low for a brow pencil, powder, gel whatever that wasn’t a warm tone. My brow’s aren’t warm, they are ashy. They don’t want to be warm. They look weird warm. This pencil is the perfect dark, cool brown. The lasting and staying power is perfection as well. I tend to dab it on and blend out using the spoolie on the other side of the pencil, as the pencil is quite a creamy consistency. Good times all around!

Instant brow pencil in dark, Julep DD creme in Light
Instant brow pencil in dark, Julep DD creme in Light

I must add as honourable mentions to things that surprised me by actually not being a waste of money – my beloved Juno oil and the Ultimate8 cleansing oil.

I love when the cynic in me is proven wrong!

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