I heart Byredo!

Byredo has everything going for it as far as I am concerned.. well other than the price point. That could use some work. I love the clean modern packaging, unique perfumes and now they have purses?? Ugh, this does not bode well for me. I accidently discovered Byredo 5 years ago when trying to look… Continue reading I heart Byredo!

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This post contains Sexual Content…..the Nars blush that is!

Gotta love Nars for the choices in naming their products. For Summer 2016, Nars came out with two Dual Intensity limited editions blushes came out. We are looking at Sexual Content today!

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How to have nice nails the lazy way

This is just a quick post to share my continued love of this polish. I love nail polish and the look of it but my problem is I am super lazy about doing my nails. So when I found NAILS INC NailKale Illuminator in Bright Street, I fell in love. This is the easiest way to… Continue reading How to have nice nails the lazy way

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Waiting (not so patiently) for this week!

I placed a fairly large order from Lookfantastic, my new favourite site. I find there is a great selection of lines that aren’t easy to find here in Canada. They have good prices, frequent discounts and free shipping. Yay. The big con is it takes a looonng time to get here.

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My disappointment of the Week … RMS Un Cover Up

You would think I would learn but I never seem to. I use a concealer that I love. Cle de Peau’s concealer is as close to perfect for me as I can find. However I am always convinced that there is something even better out there. Enter rms beauty’s un cover up concealer. I read… Continue reading My disappointment of the Week … RMS Un Cover Up

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Recent Rediscoveries

So as with most people who love makeup, I have lots of it. I am always in search for the next best thing and will become in love with something and then it gets buried when I discover something new. So I decided to make a concerted effort to rediscover and fall in love with… Continue reading Recent Rediscoveries

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What’s on my radar these days…

There are a couple of things I have been adding to my wish list these days that I am very interested in. The theme seems to be Scandinavia, Rose and Cedarwood plus minimalist packaging!  

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My morning and night skin routine

I was struggling with my skin for a while. It had become dull, uneven and I was breaking out a lot. Also some nice juicy dark/age spots appeared. I have gone through untold amounts of products trying and hoping that something works. Currently I seem to have found a set of products that are actually… Continue reading My morning and night skin routine


Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub and Regenerating Mask

As I am posting things it has become quite apparent that my hair and skin are much more my focus these days than makeup. I also think there are many more blogs on make up and sometimes it is hard to find info on some hair and skin products. Maybe there is someone out there… Continue reading Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub and Regenerating Mask

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A Tale of Two Foundations – Tarte and Charlotte Tilbury

I have recently gone from wearing no foundation whatsoever to falling in love with two. My skin is in pretty good shape but it really could always be better right? Well what a difference it does truly make when you add a little oomph.