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My Sephora Purchase

So i was eagerly anticipating my purchase of the Iles Formula Discovery Pack and it finally came. So i thought i would review my initial thoughts on this as well as the samples that came with the order.

Along with the Iles, I chose just two samples and this one deluxe sample that I thought I would review as well.


So the Discovery Pack came with 4 packets each of the Haute Performance Shampoo, Haute Performance Conditioner and Haute Performance Finishing Serum. It also comes with a wide tooth comb that is pretty decent quality. I do find it a bit cheeky that it costs $32CDN for what is essentially 4 sample packets of each product. The good news is I have fine hair and upon use it is clear I will be able to get 2 uses out of each packet of the shampoo and conditioner and at least 4 out of the serum. So at least there is that.

Well I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed by it all but as it turns out.. so far I am not! I have only used each product once but i was left relatively frizz free and my hair is soft and shiny.

The shampoo was rich and felt luxurious going on. It sudsed up nicely and left my hair feeling clean but not stripped. The conditioner was thinner in consistency than I usually use but did seem to coat my hair and left it feeling soft and tangle free upon rinsing out. I was able to comb out my hair easily. So far so good. I was nervous to use the serum as my hair is fine and easily weighed down. I waited until my hair was half dry and then coated it with the finishing serum. It did not feel heavy or that it was going to weigh it down at all. I left my hair to air dry and I was pleasantly surprised to see my hair seemed less frizzy than normal and felt soft and shiny. Usually when it is air dryed it feels a bit dry and coarse and a whole lot o’frizzy afterwards… colour me impressed! I will keep using and hope that this feeling lasts. I really was expecting to be disappointed. Is it the answer to all my prayers.. no.. but it is a good start.


I chose this deluxe sample of Shiseido White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector. I felt this was a timely choice since I have been dealing with a very large sun spot on my forehead (and I mean really really large.. like freakishly large) as well as some spots near my eyes. I am using a hydroquinone product right now but so far no joy.

This was scented as all Shiseido products as but it was actually a light and more pleasant scent so I didnt mind it. I didn’t get that my skin is itchy and way too perfumed felling upon application. I have been using it for a couple of days so too early to tell if it will help with my dark spots but i will say that it did leave my skin nice and soft and a good prep for the rest of the stuff i put on my face. Time will tell if it will help with the dark spots and if so I would consider purchasing the full size.


I also received a sample of Fresh Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy. I love all things lip balm so I am always up to try a new one. I have never really been a fan of the Sugar Lip Balms so I didn’t have high hopes with this one but it is always worth a try. The sample that was provided actually provided me 5 nights worth of lip balm which is pretty good. I like the texture of this, it is thick but feels like it penetrates and doesn’t just sit on top which is my main complaint about the sugar lip balms. This does have mint in it which is really not my favourite for a lip balm (mint is for gum and toothpaste and that is it as far as I am concerned) but it was pretty subtle and didnt linger and tingle like it can. I put a pretty liberal coating on and was pretty happy to see when i woke up my lips felt soft and moisturized and there was still a little product left on them. If you like thicker, moisturizing balms than this one is worth a try. I would consider buying a full size of this but right now I have a lot of lip balms kicking around so I won’t be buying it just yet.


Also from Fresh I received Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil. I am totally obsessed with cleansers these days and plan to write a post on all the cleansers I have bought and tried recently. I haven’t found a cleansing oil I have stuck with for too long. I did have a brief love affair with the Shu oil I reviewed way back when but the affair ended. I have since been using the Tatcha one and it was ok but i always felt like it leaves a little something on my face.

So I gave this one a go. The texture of the oil is thin and a little runny and I used more than i would have with some other brands. It coated my face and eyes easily (i was wearing full makeup) and I used warm water to rinse it off. It rinsed off easily and I was happy that I didn’t feel any residue or oil left on my skin. It didn’t quite leave my skin feeling as soft or nourished as I would hope (yes I want everything – soft skin! no residue!) but I am feeling good about it. I didn’t need a cleansing water afterwards and I felt all my makeup was completely removed. I had enough oil to use it twice and I was left happy. I woke up the next morning and my skin looked good. A little glowy even and feeling clear and clean. Was it the oil? Who knows but i ended up buying the full size of this and I will keep using and hope the feeling lasts.

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