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A Tale of Two Foundations – Tarte and Charlotte Tilbury

I have recently gone from wearing no foundation whatsoever to falling in love with two. My skin is in pretty good shape but it really could always be better right? Well what a difference it does truly make when you add a little oomph.

As I am fortunate enough to have fairly even toned clear skin I am not looking for anything that provides mega coverage. I have resisted sticking with foundation (or even tinted moisturizer) in the past because I hate the feeling on my skin. Enter these two lovelies.


Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation – As I lover of the magic cream since it came out a couple of years ago I was intrigued by the foundation. I was way more excited about the prospect of the night cream version but that is another post for another day. So not learning my lesson that all things labelled Magic aren’t always magical, I went and got colour matched. I ended up being a 3 in this foundation and was sent home with a healthy sized sample which I proceeded to use for 2 weeks. I was in love. I rushed out and bought the full size. This formula truly feels like absolutely nothing at all on your face. I would say it is a light to medium coverage and dries to a satin-matte finish. I am not a big fan of overly matte makeup but this one wasn’t overly so. It kept shine at bay all day and definitely wore well for a full 8 hours. The only thing that caused me to stray and find my next new love is it can leave my skin feeling a little dry. I kind of like having a glowy (ok slightly greasy) look on my face. This does not provide that. So it is now used for me on days when my skin isn’t feeling too dry. I can’t get over the sheer weightlessness of it. It feels amazing on because it feels like nothing. You only need a little bit and so it will last a long time. I have been alternately using my UD Optical blurring foundation brush and my new Kevyn Aucoin foundation brush with it and it applies beautifully. If I could pick at one thing it would be the sticker on the bottle which I think is only on products sold in Canada. It kind of cheapens the whole look. But if that is the worst thing I can say than I am alright with that.


Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation – I read some really positive reviews of this and was once again enabled to buy it myself. The reason I was cheating on my magic foundation and reading other reviews is due to the fact my skin is going through a bad dry spell. The Magic Foundation is great but can’t give me what I need when my skin is being really stubbornly dry. So I purchased this one sight unseen and hoped the colour worked out for me. I bought the light-neutral shade. This foundation comes with a dropper (reminiscent of GA’s Maestro foundation). It isn’t as fluid as the Maestro foundation but has a thin consistency that feels a bit strange. Not emollient or oily at all, which is weird because I find it quite a moisturizing formula on my skin. It offers medium coverage with just the smallest amount and applies flawlessly. I love it. The wear time on it is great. It looks freshly applied after a 10 hour day. I do find it very easy to remove using the Fresh oil cleanser. This formula to me leaves a glowy moist finish on the skin. It feels very light and not annoying at all on the skin. It doesn’t feel like nothing like the Magic Foundation does, but it is still comfortable. What also pleased me about both of these foundation was the colour stayed true on both. There was no oxidizing what so ever.

(L) Tarte Light-Neutral (R) Magic Foundation 3 NO FLASH
(L) Tarte Light Neutral (R) Magic Foundation 3 WITH FLASH

Depending on the finish you look for in a foundation either one of these would be a great bet to try.

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