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So as with most people who love makeup, I have lots of it. I am always in search for the next best thing and will become in love with something and then it gets buried when I discover something new. So I decided to make a concerted effort to rediscover and fall in love with my stash again. This week I focused on rediscovering my blush collection.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak – I bought this really only intending to use the blush and highlight shade as I am not a big bronzer user. If I was to use a bronzer it would be this one. It is pale and matte and is very soft and silky as is the blush and highlight. It is described as Pale Bronze Matte, Peachy Shimmer and Bright Coral. I would say that is a fair assessment. I mix a little of the shimmer with the bright coral and it applies beautifully. It gives a nice flush of colour and has a great wear time. Why did this one get buried??? I realize I am not getting the full potential out of this but it is good enough for me. This is definitely going back into the rotation until next I forget about it!

UD blush


Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Sophie – I love Illamasqua blushes. I quite frequently use Ambition and Naked Rose. This one somehow got buried and forgotten about. It is a beautiful golden coral shimmer formula that is as good as the others I have tried. It is very bright in the pan but translates to a subtle colour on my cheeks. The wear time on this one is a good 8 hours. It is super blendable and doesn’t appear too shimmery on my cheeks. A small portion of the purchase price is donated to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which is aimed at wiping out hatred and intolerance. That alone is something I can get behind. For anyone who likes to make albeit it a small difference and who love coral shades should be looking at this one.

Studio 78 Paris We Walk Blush – On the Beach – I found this blush at the bottom of my stash and was genuinely confused. I had no recollection of even buying this. That is not a good sign!! Anyway, after reacquainting myself with it, I slowly remember purchasing this from Clementine Fields. This is a great Canadian site for natural beauty lines. Studio 78 is an organic, high tolerance mineral makeup line. This is the only product I have tried but after using it again I would certainly think of purchasing other products from this line. This colour has been said to be very similar to Nars Orgasm. I don’t know if I agree with that. I find it a bronzy rose colour that is super subtle and imparts only a slight sheen. It is not a super long wearing formula but is great for just a natural looking flush on those days when you aren’t looking for a super ‘blush’ look. In the pan there is more rose tone but as you can see from the bottom swatch it comes out with a little more nude/bronze to it. It is a great one to try especially for those who are concerned about what ingredients are in their makeup!

blush comparison


I have really enjoyed rediscovering these blushes and intend to keep on shopping in my stash and seeing what else I fall in love with again. Stay tuned!

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