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My disappointment of the Week … RMS Un Cover Up

You would think I would learn but I never seem to. I use a concealer that I love. Cle de Peau’s concealer is as close to perfect for me as I can find. However I am always convinced that there is something even better out there. Enter rms beauty’s un cover up concealer. I read so much about this and how everyone loves it. I do love their Living Lumnizer so I thought that perhaps the masses are right and this is the one for me.

I was very pleased to see Sephora is now selling rms beauty. This is the perfect time for me to finally try what I was sure was about to become my new favourite product… wrong!! So wrong.. so very wrong!


I like the idea of organic makeup, I am slowly coming around to the idea that weird chemicals slathered all over my face isn’t the greatest idea. Have I completely converted.. well no.. but baby steps right?

If there is one piece of makeup I would never do without it would be concealer. I have deep set eyes and permanent dark circles, so coverage and performance of a concealer is of upmost importance to me. I will say that the formula of this concealer felt really nice. It wasn’t a liquid but definitely felt more on the slick side than being super dry. The problem for me with that is it tended to apply really thinly. I didn’t find I could build up the coverage either. I did like that it felt moisturizing and didn’t dry all cakey and cause creasing but I found that it kind of stayed looking almost shiny and really didn’t cover up anything! Ughh. I think this formula would be a winner for someone with really dry skin who only needs minimal cover. Unfortunately that isn’t me. Oh well, on to the next!

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