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This post contains Sexual Content…..the Nars blush that is!

Gotta love Nars for the choices in naming their products. For Summer 2016, Nars came out with two Dual Intensity limited editions blushes came out. We are looking at Sexual Content today!


Sexual Content is described as a sandy peach and soft raspberry. The Dual Intensity name comes from the fact you can apply this dry for a more sheer application or wet for a more intense colour. When I tried the tester in the store the formula was super smooth and highly pigmented. It almost had a cream formulation feeling to it. The blush I received isn’t quite as smooth yet but I think once the overspray slowly gets removed it will get more smooth and deliver more pigment. As it is I have to apply a lot of pressure with my brush to get a good colour payoff.

Left – applied dry,  Right – applied wet

The left side (the sandy peach) is definitely the more sheer of the two and wouldn’t show up much when used on its own. It does have a nice shimmer to it and doesn’t emphasize pores. Even applied wet this side didn’t provide overly intense colour, but the shimmer was enhanced. It is almost too metallic for me when applied wet so I will continue to only use this dry.

The right side (soft raspberry) is far more pigmented and is a true raspberry shade. It delivers good colour payoff and I expect it to be more intense as I work through the pan. There isn’t much difference in colour when applied wet, just more intense shimmer. The wear time of both sides is pretty good, I would say about 7 hours when used dry and longer when used wet.

When mixed it is a great compromise, the raspberry side is warmed up and I have been applying it mainly as the mixed colour. I tend to prefer warmer colours for my blush. Again there isn’t a huge difference in the wet and dry colour payoff.

Left - applied dry, Right - applied wet
Left – applied dry, Right – applied wet

Overall I am really happy with the blush. I am a huge fan of Nars blushes but haven’t been overly excited about many of them that have been released these past couple of years.  Hopefully this marks the start of a good run of new blush releases for Nars. Fingers crossed…

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