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All about Sachajuan

I thought I would just talk about Sachajuan and some of the products I find work for me. I think I would keep buying anything from Sachajuan for the packaging alone. I love it. It is no nonsense and minimal. Fortunately the products themselves are worth the purchase.


The first product I tried was Sachajuan Hair Repair . I have to admit the fragrance of this conditioner was my first interaction and it wasn’t great. It is one of those fragrances that kind of grows on you. My first impression was an ‘old lady’ type smell. It kind of morphs eventually into something a little masculine/woody but still slightly floral. Terrible description i realize but I can’t quite put my finger on what the smell is. In looking at what Sachajuan says it is ‘a fresh, floral blend with top notes of Green Apple, Peach and Rose, and base notes of Cedar Wood and White Musk’. Hmm yah i could buy that, that is a much better description than masculine old lady floral. Anyways the product itself is said to be infused with their Ocean Silk technology. Couldn’t tell you what that is, but the stuff works. I leave it on for about 5 mins and rinse and my hair does feel silky and soft (yay ocean silk tech!). I don’t find it weighs my hair down at all which is impressive because everything else does. I was really impressed with it because I noticed immediate results with it and that is usually not the case. If your hair needs a good dose of moisture than this is definitely worth a try. You could use daily I imagine too if your hair is really dry.

So with that being a success I next tried their Scalp Shampoo and overly descriptively named Conditioner. I do love the Scandinavians and their minimalist ways.
The scalp shampoo is lightly scented but really doesn’t leave any sort of fragrance on your hair. This is good because it is to help itchy irritated scalps which mine seems to do every so often. It maintains healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp using menthol and rosemary oil. I find it refreshing but soothing at the same time. It is not super moisturizing but not drying at all either. It does help with my unhappy scalp after 1 use and back it goes in the cupboard until the next time my scalp gets cranky. I pair it with the Conditioner which is really just a good everyday conditioner for all hair types. It is good to pair with because it doesn’t load anything on my hair after having it nice and soothed so I do like using the two together. My hair feels happy, cleaned and refreshed afterwards.

My latest foray into Sachajuan is the Protective Hair Perfume which I fully admit I bought mostly for the packaging. Lucky for me, I also love it! It does have that weird at first fragrance which really does grow on you which is good because this is a potent hair perfume. It has some impressive staying power. I tried it when I first got it on a little section of my hair and then went to bed, when I woke up my hair still was going strong. I made my husband smell it and asked if I smelled like old lady. He thought it was smelled a little masculine but was a nice smell. Well that is good. What interested me about it was that it had many functions – hydrates, protects from harmful UV rays, eliminates static and adds shine – so really it is a good deal right? It does have a more oil versus watery texture but not overly so that I would be worried about it weighing my hair down. It did leave my hair soft and shiny. I look forward to using this in the summer especially for the UV protection.

The next things on my radar would be the Ocean Mist Set. I think this would be great for lazy hair that I can’t be bothered to blow dry in the summer heat. Stayed tuned.. I am sure I will be buying this soon.

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