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Guerlain My Supertips… not so super

I recently tried 3 of Guerlains new 5 quick fixers and unfortunately I was pretty underwhelmed with them. As always bonus points on the fun packaging though! So at least there is that..

I saw these online and read a couple of good blog posts about them so I was excited to try naturally. I liked the idea of smaller sized products that were *reasonably* priced (for Guerlain at least) that were focused around being “heroes of everyday care for instant beauty results”. Great concept in theory. I only purchased 3 of the 4 available in Canada (for some reason the Stop Spot anti blemish care isn’t available here). I chose not to buy the Creme SOS because it seems a product better suited to winter time.

guerlain tubes


Midnight Secret

First of I have to say kind of how shocked I was how small these tubes are. They are deluxe sample redeem your 100 points at Sephora small. They are $35 for each one so I was pretty unimpressed with what you get for that. Anyway we will move on. Midnight Secret is a small size version of the Issima Midnight Secret which at $144 a bottle, makes this a more accessible way to try the product. Midnight Secret is supposed to help erase signs of a late night and work overnight to erase signs of fatigue, redness and irritation. I was wooed by promise of waking up looking refreshed and well rested. The formula itself wasn’t quite as fragranced as I feared it would be knowing Guerlain. It went on smooth and felt quite emollient on. I put my usual moisturizer on top and proceeded to have a terrible nights sleep. I did wake up not looking too haggard. Refreshed and rejuvenated? Not so much. I have tested this for some time but unfortunately/fortunately I love to sleep so I don’t have many late nights. I will keep trying this on those nights I do anticipate are going to be late and update on the progress.

Radiance In A Flash

Radiance in a Flash Instant Radiance & Tightening has a gel texture and is said to support a tightened, refreshed-looking complexion. Yes please. I admit I was expecting this to be like Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which it is not. I personally think that is a better bet if you are looking for a real instant pick me up. This doesn’t haven’t that tightening effect at all that I could feel. It comes out in a gel that is super pearlescent. It felt a lot more moisturizing than I expected. Almost too much. I felt a bit greasy by the end of the day and this was the only thing I did differently. I will say it did leave a nice pearlized radiance finish on my skin. I just didn’t feel immediately refreshed as promised. This might be great when you have miscalculated the quality of sleep you were about to get and had not used Midnight Secret and think you are stuck looking haggard. I will keep trying it and see if I fall in love. All it has done so far as reignited my desire to repurchase Beauty Flash Balm.

Super Lips

Who doesn’t want Super Lips right? I was really excited about this one mainly because I love lip balm. I was looking for a possible replacement to my night lip balm standby of First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. Nope. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine option. It went on feeling thin and slightly oily but really sunk in and did feel super moisturizing and had pretty decent staying power, it just isn’t going to replace FAB for me. I do see myself using this up first of all three and will say it was my favourite.

All in all I would say these were a big miss for me. I love the idea of little tubes of instant fixes for lifes little problems (dry lips! no sleep! saggy face!) but at the price point and not instant results as promised I would suggest giving these a miss.

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