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I came for the Rose and Stayed for the Silkiness

I recently purchased Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose trio – Pre Shampoo Treatment, Shampoo and  Conditioner. I was lured in by something having ‘oil’ and ‘volume’ in the same product name. I usually shy away from volumizing products for fear they will dry my hair out. The thought of a rose scented hair product wasn’t so bad either.


So lets start with the Pre Shampoo Treatment Oil, it is to be applied to your hair dry prior to shampooing. I applied one pump to the mid lengths and ends of my hair (it is a true oil and didn’t’ want to tempt fate by putting it near my roots). I let it sit in my hair for about half an hour (not instructed on the bottle but I threw caution to the wind). My hair was good and greasy looking. I was a wee bit nervous. The smell was lovely, very rose scented but not cloying whatsoever. I almost wonder how this would do as a serum after washing as well. Hmm.

I then got in the shower, wet my oily hair down and used the Shampoo. It is more gelatinous in texture than oily which kind of made me relieved as I was sitting with a oil slick on my head. The smell is just as uncloying and lovely as the treatment oil. Very rosey. Yumm. So I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy the shampoo sudsed up (but not too much) and cleaned my hair pretty well with only one application. It rinsed clean and my hair felt oil free but not super stripped which is always my fear with volumizing products. So far so good.

Lastly in the triumvirate is the Conditioner. The consistency is medium thickness. It didn’t feel like a lot of slip to it when I put it on my hair and I even felt confident enough to put it near my scalp. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinsed. My hair felt clean but only slightly conditioned and I was a wee bit concerned that it was going to be hard to comb my hair. Well I was pleasantly surprised that my hair combed out easy. Success.

So I let my hair air dry as I do when I am super lazy and didn’t expect a whole lot. My hair’s texture went through a big change a couple of years ago and has become wavy, very frizzy and coarse feeling. I just thought that was some weird quirk where my hair just decided to change course but i was nicely informed by my stylist that no it was just my gray hair has a different texture… awesome, super. Anyway when I air dry the coarse texture and frizz is oh so pronounced. So my expectations were very low. Well colour me surprised when my hair dried frizz free.. frizz free.. this does not happen. And it was soft and silky as hell. I am still shocked and can’t stop petting my own hair. I am in love.

Oh did it give lots of volume like the name suggests.. not overly, but I could care less. Frizz free and soft. Yes please!!!


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