Recent Rediscoveries – Pt 2

I am continuing my effort to rediscover my ever expanding blush collection. This week I feel in love all over again with two NARS blushes. Shopping my own stash is fun!


The first rediscovery blush of the week is NARS Unlawful. NARS describes this as amber pink with silver pearls. I can’t quickly picture what amber pink is to be honest. I call it a bronzy rose (with silver pearls). The blush is one of NARS best in my opinion. It is a warmer tone and has a great amount of pigment to it. It has great lasting power (about 8 hours of wear time). I find this blush provides a great flush with a lot of warmth. It doesn’t wash me out which sometimes I find more brownish colours tend to do (oh Chanel Jersey – i want to love you SOO bad). This colour is timeless and will be part of my stash for many years to come. I see this working on many skin tones – warm or cool, light or deep.


My next find would be Deep Throat. Once again NARS you are not letting me down on the naming convention! This is a soft pink with golden sheen. I think it is the juxtaposition of a coolish pink with the warmer sheen that makes this work for me. I tend not to like super cool colours on my skin. This one is pigmented but more subtle. It has a little less wear time (5-6 hours). It looks natural and pretty with a nice subtle sheen. This one is good for days when you don’t want to be too over the top in the blush department. Once again a timeless colour that will be loved for years to come.

(L) Deep Throat, (R) Unlawful
(L) Deep Throat, (R) Unlawful

I feel bad that these two have languished for so long and forsaken by those newer blushes that came after them. This ends now! These two are back in the rotation!


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