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In search of the perfect sunscreen Pt 2

This is the second installment of my search for the perfect sunscreen. This time I am reviewing two sunscreens that are from Australia. They have strong sun so they must be good at making sunscreen right?

alpha h essential

Both of these sunscreens are those that could replace a moisturizer instead of going on top of it. First up is Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF50. This is described as a lightweight moisturizer suitable for all skin types. It is also billed as being non whitening. I would agree with this. The formula is on the thicker side but does not have that usual sunscreen smell that you would expect with a formula that has such a high SPF. It goes on easily and is only very slightly tacky. It provides enough moisture to stand on its own and doesn’t leave you with that tell tale shine some sunscreens do. It didn’t cause any breakouts and makeup went on over it easy peasy. I am really loving this moisturizer and has been come the one I reach for the most. My only negative on this one, the pump just stopped pumping out product about 1/4 the way through. That was disappointing but I am loving this one so much I am perservering¬†on sans pump. This one is highly recommended!

skin doctors

The second high SPF/also a moisturizer to review is Skin Doctors Supermoist SPF30+ accelerator. I am not 100% sure what the accelerator is all about but anyway. This one is a good price point (and on sale right now on Lookfantastic!). It is a lightweight formula that dissolves easily and makes a good canvas for makeup application. I do find this one smells a little more like sunscreen. It is also a little thicker in formula but goes one easily and the sunscreen smell goes away immediately. It provides all day hydration and doesn’t leave a sunscreeny shine. I am loving this one as a moisturizer substitution and reach for it often. I just dont find it as light as the Alpha H formula.

These two are great choices if you are looking for a good lightweight facial moisturizers with a higher SPF. They are the most non sunscreen options that I have found. You couldn’t go wrong with either of these choices. Enjoy!

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