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Inglot and Marc Jacobs – Two Great Blushes

I recently spent a week in Vegas and finally purchased something from Inglot when I was there. I have been in that store several times over the past several Vegas trips and never bought anything. There is something about that store that just isn’t conducive to purchasing for me.


It was my sister who drifted over to the blushes and picked one up. So I felt the need to look at them, and I am glad I did. I eneded up buying Inglot Face Blush #32 (p.s. I hate companies that don’t have names for their products – numbers do not excited me). I bought the single blush in its packaging versus the pan to put in their Freedom system.

blush swatch


This blush is amazing. The texture of it is soft and smooth, the lasting power is amazing and the colour is a beautiful plummy pink shimmery colour. I am in love. It just gives a nice pink glow. The best thing about it is the lasting power. I now need to go and invest in some more of these blushes. The price point is pretty reasonable on them.

The next blush I purchased recently that I am loving is the new Marc Jacobs Air Blush in Lines and Last Night. This blush is described as a deep tangerine/creamsicle colour. The selling point of this is a 24 hour wear time. To be honest I am happy if I stay up past 10 pm so really for me I don’t necessary need 24 hours of wear.

marcjacobs blush

The blush is divided in alternative stripes of the colours. The stripes are such that you really couldn’t use the colours individually all that easy. I have been taking my brush and dragging it across the whole pan to get a blended shade. The formula on this one is super soft and smooth, which I fully expected from Marc Jacobs. The colour is definitely a coral shimmer. It looks subtle on. I would say the wear time is probably only about 5 – 6 hours on me (so definitely wouldn’t be making it to the 24 hour mark). I would be interested in trying some of the more bold shades to see if their wear time is extended. Overall for a soft subtle colour I am really loving this blush.

mj blush swatch
(L) LIght shade ,(C) Dark Shade, (R) Blended together

I would definitely recommend either of these blushes.

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