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NIOD versus Hylamide – Photography Fluid and Photography Foundation

I have mentioned that I recently purchased a bunch of things from Deciem including these two products that seemed very similar. NIOD Photography Fluid, 12% Opacity and Hylamide Photography Foundation in Transparent.

hylamide and niod

Both of the companies are from Deciem and NIOD seems to be more scientific and chemistry based while Hylamide reminds me more of photography based things. The difference I see is all things NIOD seem to be less hydrating than Hylamide.

Both of these products are designed to specifically make the skin look better for the camera lens while blurring away imperfections in real life. It can be used under foundation or in place of foundation.

niod fluid box

hylamide box

Both formulas look extremely similar in formula. The Hylamide formula feels slightly more emollient and moisturizing than the NIOD version. In looking at the swatches you can see they both have a more golden reflective sheen to them. They both do not have much colour to them and I can’t see them replacing foundation if you are looking for any sort of color correction.

niod fluid swatch
NIOD Photography Fluid
hylamide fluid swatch
Hylamide Photography Foundation











The NIOD formula is a little more shimmery while the Hylamide formula is more of a sheen. I am almost exclusively using the Hylamide formula because I found it more moisturizing but not too shiny. It works as a great primer than leaves my makeup just looking fresh and lasting all day. The sheen is not very noticeable under my foundation. It just looks like an extra glow to your skin. The NIOD version I don’t find has the extra glow to it that the Hylamide version has. I think the NIOD version would be better for people with oiler skin. It definitely has a more “dry” feeling to it.

I find it a little strange that the same company has two different lines that have so much overlap in them. Definitely I am liking the Hylamide line much better. This product has been a great addition to my daily makeup routine for sure. I would repurchase the Hylamide version in a heartbeat.


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