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Christian Louboutin’s Very Prive Nail Colour

I recently took the plunge and finally tried one of Christian Louboutin’s nail colours. I chose Very Prive which is a true deep red.

IMG_0610 (1)


The cost of this polish is kind of crazy. It is $65 and that is a lot for nail polish I realize. That being said, if you are ever short of a spear, this packaging could double as that in a pinch. So at least there is that.

Now is it worth the high price tag? I would say that it is. This nail polish is beautiful in its formula and rich colour. The pigmentation of it is so rich and deep. You could almost just get away with 1 coat. The coverage is amazing. The formula is on the thicker side but not too thick that it gets all globby. It applies super easily and the extra long handle makes it easy to apply. The actual brush itself isn’t very wide and if i could find one nitpick it would be that I wish the brush would be a little wider. That is all I can say wrong with it. The colour is beautiful and is a true classic shiny red. The wear time is what you would expect/hope for, for a regular polish formula. I would definitely consider buying other Christian Louboutin nail colours for sure.

As I recognize the cost is high so I compared it to some other polishes I have that are similar in colour, These are still excellent formulas and are more cost effective. The closest in colour would be Nars Jungle Red. It is still a little lighter in colour. The next closest would be Essie Macks which is my all time favourite red. This one has been my go to for the past 10+ years. Another close comparison would be Zoya’s Rekha, although it is the lightest red of the four.

nail polish

IMG_0617 (1)
From Left – Zoya Rekha, Essie Macks, CL Very Prive, Nars Jungle Red
IMG_0615 (1)
From left – Nars Jungle Red, CL’s Very Prive, Essie Macks, Zoya Rekha












If you are in the mood to spend some money on a superior formula and amazing colour than I would definitely recommend Christian Louboutin’s Very Prive.


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