In Search of the Perfect Sunscreen – Pt 3

This is the third installment of my search for the perfect sunscreen. This time I am focusing on two from Japan.


I am reviewing two very similar sunscreens from Biore. The Aqua Rich and Aqua Rich rose. They are described as a watery essence and are both SPF50+. I bought mine from Ebay but you can also buy them from site which is also another option. Cost wise they are pretty good, both under $20.

Both of these have so much going for them. The cost, the high SPF and the formulas. I can’t get over the texture of them. Super thin and slightly watery and not one ounce of white to the formula at all. I can’t get over the watery formula. It is amazing. Not sticky at all, does not leave a shine whatsoever and isn’t greasy at all. The formula dries slightly matte and is best used over moisturizer if your skin is dry. What upsets me so much about these amazing sunscreens are… they irritate my skin and break me out slightly. It is testament to how amazing they truly are, I keep wearing them on occasion when it is really hot and really sunny as the wear on them is so great. Alas, I should stop wearing it though as it does really irritate my skin.

So I would say you do not need both as they are so similar (except one has a more faint rose smell) and the formula is so amazing it is totally worth the try to see if they work for your skin. Sadly they do not work for mine.

Sad 🙁

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