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Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit – Surreal Light Review

I recently purchased the new palette from Hourglass. What I was most excited about was the cheek colours as I do love the Hourglass blush colours.


This palette contains a new ambient lighting powder, 2 ambient lighting blushes, 1 ambient lighting bronzer and a ambient lighting strobe powder.

Overall there are good things and not so good things in this palette. I am in love with the lighting powder and the blushes are nice. I am not a huge bronzer user so that hasn’t been getting a lot of use by me and the strobe powder is a little too glittery for me so I haven’t really been using it.

The formulas are the same as the full size products and are in colours that aren’t available in full size.

The colours are really light and I don’t see them working all that well for all skintones. I am pretty fair and the colours just show up on my skin. In fact it is hard to show the swatches of the lighting powder and strobe powder as they are almost my exact skin tone.

All in all i would say this is a good palette for those who love the hourglass formulations and who are lighter skintones. I do think the cost for this palette is a bit much for the size of the palette and for the amount of product. I know this is a common complaint of this palette. It is $95 and that is really pushing it for a palette in my opinion.

(L) Surreal Light Ambient Lighting Powder, (R) Surreal Strobe Light Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder
(L) Surreal Effect Ambient Lighting Blush (C) Surreal Bronze Light Ambient Lighting Bronzer (R) Surreal Glow Ambient Lighting Blush

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