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New From Nars Spring 2017

I have bought a couple items recently released from Nars. Today I am going to talk about Bumpy Ride blush and Radiance Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen.

First lets look at the blush. I remember a time when NARS was coming out with new blushes every season. Oh those were the days. Now it seems much more sporadic (or at least colours that interest me). So I was pretty excited to see this release. It is described as bright pink with luminous sheen. I would say that is fairly accurate. It is a warmish pink, not a super cool pink. The luminous sheen part I had read about before I bought it is totally accurate. You really can’t tell from looking at it in the pan but it is extremely sheen-y. Not chunky glitter at all, just sheen. It is best reserved for the days when you are feeling good about your skin because it could emphasize anything you might want to hide that day. The colour is pink but as I said it has a tiny hint of peach to it making it more wearable I would think for most people as it definitely doesn’t lean to the super cool or super warm side of things. Is it the most unique colour ever made, no of course not but it is super pretty and does impart a lovely glow. It is quite close to NARS Day Dream but the sheen factor is amped up by 1000 with Bumpy Ride versus Day Dream. It is super pretty colour to wear on a day when you are feeling pretty darn good about your skin. If you are a NARS blush enthusiast, this one is worth adding to your collection.

NARS Bumpy Ride
Swatch of Bumpy Ride







Next up is the¬†Radiance Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen. I am not really sure why i bought this. I am consistently using and still loving the Hylamide Photography Foundation. I think it was the inclusion of the SPF 35 that really drew me to try this primer. I love all things ‘radiance’ and sunscreen, so I suppose it was inevitable I would buy this.











The formula is thin and quite moist which I really like. It is pink in tone and looks very luminous coming out of the tube. When I used it on my face, I didn’t see noticeable glitter when it was spread over my skin. It did add a bit of luminosity and felt quite light on my skin. I haven’t had any break outs from it. When i swatched it on my hand for this post, you can see almost glitter on my hand, but I think the fact I am adding foundation and powder, etc on top of this on my face probably keeps the glitter from being too much. I am not sure i would wear this on its own. I think I would stick to the Hylamide for that. It is more lumnious with no glitter whatso ever.¬†Makeup goes over top of this well and wear time is extended slightly with use of this primer versus no primer.

Radiance Primer
Primer spread in skin (and my horrible looking hands)








All in all I like this primer. I dont love it. I do love the sunscreen factor in it although as I dont’ pile on primer I wouldn’t rely on just this for my sunscreen. I do like the shot of radiance it does add. Overall a good primer.


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