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Deciem Coming Soon to a home near me

I am waiting on a couple of things to be delivered to me that I am excited about.  I am giving Niod another try and trying a couple of things from The Ordinary. It is hard not to with their prices!

My main concern these days is my uneven skin tone. I have a lot of melasma and other assorted spots and pigmentation. Everything I have bought recently is to try to help with that. So far I am not having a lot of luck but I keep trying.





The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% – Not a sexy name for what I hope to be a awesome product. Hydration, Vitamin C and brightening… done..






Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% – Brightens the skin tone while visibly improving the evenness of skin texture and reducing the look of blemishes. Umm yes please?







NIOD Non Acid Precursor 15% – This is supposed to be an alternative to retinols and acids. Neither or which work all that well for me, so maybe the alternative will?  Or at least this is my justification.




100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil – Helps with Photo Ageing and Moisture.. done.








Stay tuned to see if these products deliver!

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