I am just a girl with a lot of beauty products and a lot of opinions on them. I wanted to be able to share what I have tried, what I love and what I hate. All in an effort to only enable you to make worthwhile purchases.

About Me:

Favourite Store – Sephora and Nordstrom – between the two it pretty much covers off most of the basics. I tend to like to shop at www.eskincarestore.com as well for some more niche skincare lines.

Favourite Products – I am obsessed with blush, all matters of skincare and haircare and well pretty much whatever i am focusing on at that time.

My skin and hair type – Sadly as I am circling the drain on my thirties I am focused on anti-aging and hydrating skincare for my increasing uneven and dry skin. My hair has also decided to become slightly wavy, extremely frizzy and coarse (but yet fine at the same time).

I am pretty influenced by what I read and others reviews and input into products. I will pretty much try anything with a review that addresses the things that I worry about. Sometimes it works but mostly it does bite me in the ass!

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